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Remember the days you used to rough it out in a sleeping bag? Well, pick up an air mattress and experience what camping should really be like. Go jungle trekking, play in the nearby creek or even eat s'mores by the campsite without worries. On an air mattress, you'll always be rested and ready for your next day of fun and games.

An air mattress can double up as a guest bed, a camping mattress or even a float in a pool. With so many functions, it's really a mystery why more people don't own one. Scroll below to pick the best air mattress for you.

How to Buy the Best Air Mattress

With the plethora of air beds in the market, it’ll be quite tricky picking out the best air mattress for you. Whether you're looking for the best air bed for guests, a portable inflatable bed or a camping air mattress, these are 4 factors to consider while air mattress shopping.

  1. Design

There are low profile air mattresses, raised air beds and air mattresses with frames. Conventional low profile air mattresses are portable, cheap and space saving. They are the best air mattresses for camping. They may not be as comfy as raised air beds as you'll have to bend over more to get into bed. We love the SoundAsleep Camping Series. The queen size is the best camping air mattress for 2.

If you are shopping for a guest bed, the raised airbed is a better option. Air beds are bulkier and heavier, but they are more comfortable and some even come with air coils or internal structure to provide better support. They can be easily deflated and rolled up after use. Some people even buy air beds with a headboard for everyday use. The Instabed queen size air bed is the best air mattress for everyday use.

An air mattress with frame is a regular low profile air mattress that is elevated on a metal frame. It is a lot easier to get in and out of (compared to low profile air mattresses), and keeps you off the cold floor or ground. Air mattresses with a frame are a great choice for campers who don't like low or bulky mattresses. The best air mattress with frame is the Coleman Cot which is great for camping.

  1. Size

The most common sizes of air beds are the twin, queen and king. Single and full air mattresses may be available but rare. Twin air mattresses are big enough for a full grown adult, but a full size air mattress gives more room to sleep on. The best twin air mattress is the SoundAsleep Dream Series.

For guest beds, queen size air beds are the most popular. Since portability and weight isn’t a big issue for indoor use, a king size air mattress is a good buy too.

  1. Pump

To inflate an air mattress without a pump is near impossible. The air mattress pump also serves to deflate the air bed quickly and completely so that it can be rolled up and stored in a bag. Air mattresses may be inflated with an external pump, or they may come with a built in pump. External pumps are cheap and sometimes bought separately.

Should you get an air mattress with an external pump or a built in pump? It depends on where you'll be using the air bed. Where there is no electrical outlet, you'll need a battery powered or rechargeable pump.

A home air mattress with a built in pump is convenient as you only need to plug it into an outlet and turn a switch to inflate or deflate the air bed. The best queen air bed with built in pump is the Instabed, which comes with preset firmness settings or automatic sensors that regulate the firmness of the air bed all night long.

  1. Warranty

An air mattress with a long warranty period is a better option. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Air mattresses with faulty pumps or air pockets only signs of manufacturer defects after some time. Which is why it is of the utmost importance to get an air mattress with a long warranty. Reputable brands always stand by their products and some even offer lifetime warranties.

As tempting as sleeping on air mattresses may be, it should not under any circumstances be a replacement to your regular foam or spring mattress. In the long run, sleeping on an air mattress would put too much strain on your backbone. So, use it only when necessary. At the end of the day, sleeping on an air mattress beats lying on a cold hard floor anyway. Click here to view the best air mattresses on the market.


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