You have been with your special someone for a whole year and it’s time to commemorate the occasion with a 1st Anniversary gift. Truth be told, buying gifts become increasingly harder when you’re choosing an item for someone who's close to the heart. When you know someone so intimately, you tend to overthink the details. It's best to picture your gift as a memento or keepsake to remind each other of your journey thus far. To help you, here's a list of items which would be perfect to mark the start of your beautiful future together.

Love letters or notes are so old fashioned. Why write something when you can purchase these lovely handmade linen pillows. The quote “I’ve Loved You Since Day One” which is sewn into these pillows is sure to leave a lasting impression on your partner.

For the prankster couple, the best gift for your 1 year anniversary is this ludicrous roll of toilet paper. Since the first anniversary was also known as the paper anniversary, what better way to say “I Love You” then by replacing your boring roll of toilet paper with toilet paper printed in anniversary greetings.

To sum up your glorious one year together, you can always print out your favorite photos and put them this handmade journal. The attention to detail on the hand made sheets of paper and the the precisely crafted leather covers give this journal a rustic look which would impress even the The lock on the side of the journal also gives out an aura of intimacy which is the perfect place for your memories to multiply.

Well not every couple's first year is a bed of roses. If you and your partner need a little rekindling in your relationship, there is nothing better than the Studio Oh! Couples Guided Journal Truly, Madly, Deeply. This journal is filled with tonnes of activities and checklists to ensure the both of you fall in love all over again.

What better way to pamper your significant other then getting her the top of the line perfume gift set from Jimmy Choo. The set comes with a lotion, shower gel and a large bottle of Eau De Parfum. The fragrance perfume, relaxing shower gel and calming lotion would surely be more than enough to show your appreciation for your loved one.

If you aren’t a fan of over the top jewelry, this simplistic looking pendent may be the way to go. The necklace is extrinsically crafted to fit a 24k gold enclosure over an onyx pendant. The most captivating feature that this pendant has is that the words “ I Love You” is inscribed in 149 different languages on its surface. 

This is a gift a sentimental partner would love. A simplistic photo frame would do the trick. This photo frame has the word LOVE that is made as the base as the frame. Beside every letter is a space for a photo, by filling these spaces with the four best memories of the year, you’ll remind your partner of the joys you’ve shared together.

The modern take on a first anniversary gift usually features gifts that symbolize time. The Apple Watch is one of the most premium smart watches that exist on the market today, and with a wide array of straps and features you’ll sure be able to find the perfect match for your beloved. 

If nobody gave you a set of engraved wine glasses for your wedding, it could be a great gift for your first anniversary. These pair of glasses would be perfect for the romantic dinners home cooked dinners you’d have at home together. 


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