Pokemon Go is a fun game but after awhile, you’d surely realize that walking, running and jogging isn't going to be enough for you to catch em' all! So instead of just covering ground on your own two feet, try hopping on a bicycle and peddling your way to glory. So here are our recommendations of the best Bicycles to use on your very own Pokemon Go! Adventure. Read our guide on features to look out for in a good Pokemon Go Bike to help you make your choice.

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How To Choose A Bicycle For Pokemon Go?

There are a few aspects that any bike that will be used for Pokemon hunting should have. First,it should have a relaxed and comfortable riding position. A bicycle that allows you to sit upright would allow you to check your phone occasionally even while cycling. Next, the bicycle you use should have a phone holder, bottle cage and a comfy seat. Note, these items can be purchased separately and added onto any bicycle to make your adventure more fun.

Before you start thinking or debating which type of bicycle would be better for Pokemon Go, you should at least have an idea of where you'll be hunting your Pokemon. Depending on the terrain you select, you'll be able to sieve out the competition to find out which is the best bicycle for you.

Here is a quick breakdown of the type of bikes that would be best suited for the different terrain.

  1. City Commuting - Commuter Bike, Folding Bike,Fixed Gear Bike

  2. Off Road Cycling- Mountain Bike

  3. Light off road and commuting- Hybrid Bike, Mountain Bike

A commuter, folding bike or fixed gear bike would be perfect to be used in the city, towns or at parks. All these bikes are easy to balance on so it'll be much easier balancing yourself when you stop or kick off from a Poke Stop or after you caught some rare Pokemon. If you plan on hunting for Pokemon dirt roads or off road loops, you'd probably want a bike that has suspensions to cushion all the bumps or hops that you’ll be making. If you plan to be cycling on paths that just a little muddy or sandy, you’ll like having a hybrid bike or a mountain bike. The tires on these bikes are more grippy so you’ll not lose balance while cycling.

Paved or gravel roads would be the easiest to cycle on. Any type of bicycles on the market could be used on these roads. The main reason road bikes aren't suitable for Pokemon Go is because of their aggressive and aerodynamic riding position. A bent head forward position wouldn't be safe if you plan on checking your phone every time it vibrates. You'll still be taking the risk even if you place a mobile phone holder on your bike.

The last word of advice we have to any Pokemon Trainer out there, is be sure to wear proper clothes and protective gear while cycling. It would be pointless to carelessly risk your life for a few extra Pokemon. Ride and Play safely and you'll be able to catch all of em in no time.


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