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Whether you're using a bike for commute, for a cardio workout or for leisure, there are quite a number of bikes on the market to choose from. There is the road bike for speed demons, the fixie bike for the tricksters and the folding bicycle for the savvy corporate worker.

If you're having trouble picking out the right bicycle, here is a short guide to help you decide what kind of bike you are looking for. 

No matter what bike you're looking for, check out our recommendations of the best bikes on the market and our bike reviews.

How To Choose The Right Bike

Choosing your bike is a 2-step process.

First, think about the terrain you plan to be cycling on. Almost all bikes can be used on regular pavements but, off road paths require grippy, knobby tires and suspensions to help you with roots or any other obstacles you may have to maneuver over in your path. The only bikes truly suited for off-road riding would be the mountain bike and the hybrid bike. Fixies are the bikes to go for if you intend to learn tricks like the bunny hops or backward peddling. These bikes are relatively cheap and make great beginner bikes. 

Second, think about the main purpose of the bicycle you'll be buying. Here is a quick breakdown :

All the bikes in the list will be able to get you from point A to point B but no two types of bikes really give you the same type of riding experience. Be certain you know what you're looking for. Some bikes are just easier to cycle than others. Other bikes offer more comfort and some even allow you to cycle extremely fast. 

Remember, when it comes to purchasing bikes, most bikes can be upgraded. If you ever need better parts in the future, you'll be able to swap out the old parts and get new ones. Click the links above to take you to the respective best bicycle picks. There you'll be able to learn more about each type of bike. 


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