Best Bread Machine

If you eat bread on a daily basis and feel that it is more economical and healthy to make your own, why not buy your very own bread machine? While it feels really good to make bread by hand, many of us cannot afford the time or energy. The best bread machine helps everyone (including us novice bakers) make easy and preservative-free homemade bread for the family. 

After researching all the bread makers in the market, here are what we find as the best bread makers in 2016.

Bread Machine Guide

There are many brands of bread machines available. To find your best bread machine, here are a few things to consider. 

How often will you be making your bread?
Say you'll be making bread on a daily basis, you'll want a bread machine that will last, not one that will break down within a matter of a few months. Quality brands with warranties well usually cost more (above 100 dollars) but they will be worth it. 

Will you be making only bread?
If you plan on making pastas, pizza dough, cakes in addition to plain ol' bread, then you might want to consider buying a higher end machine with programmable options. These multifunctional bread machines allow you to bake all kinds of bread, from French loaves to gluten free bread. You also have the option of controlling the lightness or darkness of the crusts, automatically kneading your dough, and has delayed functions that can be programmed to bake your bread at 3am in the morning while you sleep in your bed. All these options are available, again at the expense of your wallet. 

So weigh all your needs and the available options and you should be able to find the best bread maker.


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