Looking for the perfect gift for grandpa and grandma? Here are our picks.

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Affordable yet efficient wine opener that doesn't require hand strength. Perfect for the holidays when grandpa wants a few more drinks.

Keep grandparents healthy and active with a simple activity tracker like this one. Fitbit One is one of the more accurate fitness tracker that not only tracks activity and sleep, but also lets you set fitness goals.

Are they often misplacing things? Get your grandparents this little bluetooth tracker to tag important things like keys and wallets. 

A beautifully boxed set of cheese knives that grandad and grandma will appreciate when guests come around. They are not only stylish but work very well with all kinds of cheeses too!

From the most renowned French press makers of Normandy, France, this classy French press will impress the fussiest of grandfathers. Makes a wicked cup of coffee too.

Grandpa or grandma with a green thumb? This little bonsai tree is bound to bring a smile to their faces. 

A tasty protein-rich soy powder that will help with grandma's heart and bone health. 

This is a gem that shines without being too bold. Get grandma this elegant satin clutch and bring her out to a fancy dinner!

If grandpa likes quality stuff, then this real leather belt from Timberland has the right feel. Simple and rugged to last a long time.

Mugs will always be useful and grandma will love this brightly-colored, hand-painted ceramic mug that says "I'm A Grandma, What's Your Super Power?"


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