If you love your girlfriend, you know that the words "I love you" will never be enough. So, why don't you show your love by getting your girlfriend a Christmas gift that'll make her heart melt? Here are some gifts that will make her smile, blush and confess her undying love for you.

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A Instax camera is perfect for a girlfriend who likes capturing memories. She'll be snapping tonnes of selfies and wefies before you know it.

If your girlfriend loves getting dressed up, this Mia Adora mascara will be a gift she'll love. Honey, even you will marvel at how luscious her eyelashes will look like with this on.

Pamper your girlfriend with this cleansing brush kit. Rather than just buying her a gift, go the extra mile and help her relax. Lay her down and be her personal beautician for the day.

If she loves accessorizing or is always out in the sun these Ray-Bands will look amazing on her. It does look a tad retro but if your girl can pull it off, she'll be the talk of the town.

The Secura Nano will help your girlfriend unwind after a long day at school or at work. A plus is that this versatile facial steamer can even be used as a mini interior humidifier. 

If your pumpkin pie is having a tough time with acne, be the caring boyfriend she needs. Clarisonic is known to prevent and manage acne. Help her win her fight against acne with the Mia2.

LDR can be tough. If the both of you spend long periods of time apart from each other, an oversized teddy bear would help her cope. Just look how cute and adorable that giant bear is.

If your girlfriend loves music, she'll appreciate the Bose Quiet Comfort. It has deep bass, crisp highs and noise isolation. It's comfy, versatile and perfect for any genre of music.

Sleep and activity trackers are the next in-thing in wearable tech. But not many of these trackers come in such a catchy bubblegum pink. Get this if your girlfriend's a trendy health freak.

This is the perfect gift for a girlfriend who loves to read. It's portable, light and has a screen that doesn't hurt her beautiful eyes. She'll now be able to read wherever she is.


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