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No time to pamper your cast iron skillets? If you're always in a rush and have no time to hand wash and season your frying pans, an electric skillet is a much more convenient way to cook.

The electric skillet has an electrically powered heating element that gives you excellent temperature control. It needs close to no maintenance and can be used for various kinds of cooking. There are electric powered skillet, woks and pans; some come with lids and others don't.

To make it easier for you to pick the best electric skillet, here is a guide to point you in the right direction. Or just scroll down to read our best electric skillet reviews to make a quick choice.

Electric Skillet Buying Guide

For those of you who love an electric pan that can cook breakfast, stir fry, braise and deep fry the electric skillet is what you should have in your kitchen. To quickly assess what you need in an electric skillet, here are some technicalities to look into before you go electric pan or wok shopping.

1. Size

Like all other cookware, the electric skillet comes in so many shapes and sizes. There are square shaped electric skillets, oval shaped fry pans, circular woks and even rectangular shaped electric skillets. Through experience, we found that deep circular or rectangular fry pans and woks have the most cooking space to offer. For the best bang for your buck, look out for a electric skillet with high sides and a circular shape. A lid together with your electric skillet would always be a better bargain. You'll never know when your electric skillet recipe may require you to use one down the road.

2. Material

Stainless steel electric skillets always last the longest. It is the most durable and thanks to an external heating element, heats up well. Stainless steel skillets do cost more, so if you have a tight budget opt for an aluminum or brushed aluminium one instead.

3. Non Stick

A nonstick coating will come in handy if you intend to fry sticky ingredients like eggs. It ensures nothing sticks to the surface of your pan so you'll not waste any of your ingredients. Cleanup on a nonstick pan is quick and easy. Since nothing sticks, you could just hand wash it or place it in a dishwasher. However, with a non-stick coating, you'll not be able to use metal utensils because it may scratch and chip at the coating. This is another important tip is to avoid cheap PTFE and PFOA non-stick coatings at all costs. This is because it degrades at high temperatures and releases toxic gas.

By following these three pointers, you'll likely find your ideal electric skillet in no time at all. Save space, time and effort by using an electric skillet. It is really one of the most helpful appliance you can have in your kitchen.


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