Best Espresso Machine

Dubbed the 'elixir of life' by New York Times, espresso is not only enjoyed by Italians but many modern Americans. While espresso bars still thrive, more people are buying espresso machines to enjoy espresso in their own homes. The espresso machine is a more complicated piece of machinery compared to the coffee maker, so scroll down for some tips for the buyer.

Here are some of our recommendations for the best espresso machines.

From manual to fully automatic, espresso machines are sold in a wide range of prices.

  • Manual espresso maker - While the manual ones might be harder to master, you get to be in full control over how your coffee turns out. These are not cheap and only recommended for experienced users.
  • Semi automatic espresso maker - The semi automatic on the other hand is easier to use than the manual one but still allows you certain control over your coffee making. They range from very affordable ones to rather expensive ones, depending on the build and features. This is what most home users buy.
  • Fully automatic or super automatic espresso maker - This type saves you the headache and does all the work for you from grind to cup. Prices can be sky high.
  • Capsule or automatic espresso maker - Uses espresso capsules (usually of the same brand as the machine) for a very convenient espresso making. The downside is that you are limited to using these capsules.

The other thing to consider would be how hard or how easy it is to clean your machine. The more automated the espresso machine, the easier it is to clean.


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