Best External Hard Drive

The external hard drive is the storage device everyone needs. Unlike cloud storage, the external hard drive can be physically connected to your computer which makes it all the more convenient and secure. This portable device is an excellent way for you to transfer or share your collections of movies, photos or even music with anyone around you. It is also a very practical way to backup and store your personal data.


If this is your first time purchasing an external hard drive, this guide will be helpful. Otherwise, scroll down to check out our selection of the best external hard drives and external hard drive reviews to make your pick.

How To Pick An External Hard Drive ?

External hard drives on the market can be categorised based on the drives they use. The most popular drives are:

  1. Hard Disc Drives(HDD) ( Affordable but not as fast as the solid state drive)

  2. Solid State Drives(SSD) (Fast but pricey)

These drives are similar in terms of durability, function and capacity. But, if speed is what you’re looking for, it's best to start saving up because an external solid state hard drive is what you’ll need. Most of the current generation of wired external hard drives have a USB 3.0 connection which will allow you to transfer large amounts of data in no time at all. There are some external hard drives that use Thunderbolt ports which are even faster.

If you prefer to go wireless, there are also a few wireless external hard drives on the market. These drives have built in batteries and emit a wifi network that you can connect to. The one advantage that wireless hard drives have over wired ones is that a more than one person can be connected to them at a time.These wireless networks do have lower transfer rates compared to their wired counterparts. However, if you want a physical drive with wireless capabilities on the go, the wireless external hard drives are for you.

Here is an important tip to remember while picking out an external hard drive. Make sure to check its compatibility with your operating system because not all of these drives are universal. Now you’re all set to see our top picks.


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