Thoughtful Gifts for a Gym Friend

The Harbinger Pro Training Wristwrap Gloves have a double layered leather palm which is thick (yay to no calluses!) yet grippy so there will still be full control of gym equipment. The wrist wrap attached to the gloves will protect your buddy's wrists especially if they like lifting heavy-ass weights!

Lugging this bottle would definitely boost your friend's street cred at the gym. Fill it up with some BCAA or intra-workout supplements to stay energized or just fill it up with water and stay hydrated throughout the day. Whatever your friend chooses, you're helping them reach their fitness goals by getting them this bottle.

This hydra cup will put a smile on the gym junkie's face. Compared to regular shakers, this shaker has 2 standalone compartments that can be used in countless ways. You'll even keep your buddy motivated through the "Get Shit Done" print which the hydra cup is sporting. 

Get your female gym friend something functional yet special. The streak of neon pink on this belt makes it all the more fashionable for women. Many newbies tend to overlook the importance of having a good lifting belt so if you have a girl friend who recently started deadlifts or squats, this belt will keep her form in check.

This is a relatively inexpensive gift that would really come in handy for your gym friend. Injuries are unavoidable when you start going to the gym, and this is one of the best tapes on the market to facilitate recovery or provide additional support during a workout. The KT tape comes in a wide array of colors. 

Every gym member needs a duffel bag to house a clean change of clothes, music, lifting equipment and supplements. If your gym friend doesn't have a duffel bag yet, the Under Armour UA Storm Undeniable II duffel bag is bound to make a statement. It comes in 6 variants so pick your friend's favorite color.

If your gym friend is on a cut or just following a strict diet, this protein bar will really come in handy. The Quest Nutrition Protein Bar contains 21 grams of protein, 4 grams carbs and is only 190 calories. A box contains 12 individual bars which could be shared before or after any gym session. 

The Sony Sports Walkman is a very thoughtful gift that any gym friend will appreciate. Aside from being wireless, it is waterproof and dustproof so sweat and dirt isn't an issue. There is also a continuous playback mode to pump up your friend throughout all their killer gym sessions.

For the gym friend with an iPhone, this bottle would be perfect. The iBottle is a sturdy and durable leakproof bottle which has a see through compartment in the middle which fits the iPhone perfectly. The bottle even comes with a smaller compartment at the bottom of the bottle that could fit keys or a set of wired earphones.

Support your gym buddy with a fashionable gym towel. The numerous silicone gripper-dots that line the towel help it stay in place which is perfect for lining the bench for workout. The towel is quick drying so it'll be dry and ready for the next workout in no time at all. 


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