10 Beautiful Storage Bins and Baskets for Your Home

Today we're set on organizing our homes with a little help from a simple item - the storage basket! Well, one storage basket is never enough for fully lived-in homes like ours, so we're taking a look at many different styles of storage bins and baskets that will make our homes a little more organized. 

Large jute storage bins are always useful. We use them for extra pillows and throws in the bedroom, for children's toys in the play room, and also for hand towels in the bathroom. 

These sturdy baskets that look rattan-made can hold heavier items and work anywhere. They can be a stationery box, a document holder, a fruit basket or a toiletries organizer. We love these in the dark brown but there are also other bright colors from blue to white. 

Shallow and straight-edged baskets make a good storage for many small items like keys, makeup, bathroom accessories and tableware. The fabric lining with a little bow brings a soft feel to your home. 

We can't get enough of this floppy laundry tote. The simple stripes, woven texture and rope handles fit in anywhere, and it holds quite a good amount of laundry. We recommend getting a couple to separate dark colors from the light ones. 

For clothes, blankets and similar items, you'll want these storage boxes with lid to keep things organized. We think they great for keeping our summer clothing away in the closet, all stacked up nicely.  

A large zippered storage bag works better for any bedding, linens and comforters you have to spare. The canvas breathes well and is lightweight on its own so you can move this around easily. Cedar inserts help to keep away moths. 

We like this little storage basket that works as a temporary tote for the books we're reading currently. It can be left on the coffee table or side table beside the reading chair. 

In a home with kids, stuff gets left everywhere, including the stairway. This handy stair basket is a sanity-saver for moms who have to pick up stray toys. Just drop them into the basket and carry everything back to its proper place when the basket is full. 

How about a storage basket for our pets as well? Give the dog a treat when he remembers to put his toys back into his basket. 

Getting a few of these fabric storage baskets and it will be a cheap way to turn your shelves into a dresser. We find this useful for items like purses, belts, underwear and accessories, but many also use it for clothes. 


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