Open your child's imagination! This handcrafted wooden fairy door is made and decorated in Ireland, sprinkled with a little magic and ready for your fairy to move in!

Stand-up easel for painting, coloring, lettering and more. Includes dry-erase board, chalkboard, locking paper-roll holder, child-safe paper cutter, 4 easy-clip grips and 2 large plastic trays, that can be removed for easy cleaning.

A vintage leather notebook that looks all full of mystery and secured with a string is what a little girl needs as her diary or drawing book.

Any little girl would love this cute teepee in pink. It would become a dream castle, a perfect hideout or a picnic accessory for your girl. Mildew resistant too!

Fulfill your little girl's superstar dream with this guitar starter pack. Comes with everything she needs, from gig bag to guitar course. 

A ballerina music box and jewelry case combined is what every little girl wants, and probably already has, but this Lenox ballerina jewelry box will be the nicest and sturdiest of them all. 

If your little girl loves Barbie dolls, she will love you for getting her this amazing doll house that fits Barbie. It comes furnished and even has an elevator that moves. 

This 20 piece kit allows your young scientist to explore and learn the basics of science from chemical reactions to the use of science tools.

An inspiring read for a little one with beautiful illustrations that will captivate her attention for a long time. 

A classic and simple timepiece for girls that will last them for more than a few years with the design and Timex quality.


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