Best Kitchen Knives

Are you getting kitchen knives as a gift? Or buying them for your new kitchen or replacing old kitchen knives? We have recommendations for knife sets and individual knives, and a buying guide. Getting the best knives or knives sets will make prepping ingredients easier and even add some fun to cooking. 

Here are our top picks for best knife sets 2016.

How to Buy Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives come in all shapes and sizes. The very least a kitchen should have is an all purpose utility knife. That is, if you don't cook. All those who do, the kitchen knives you will need are (by importance): 

Chef's knife - For most of the prep tasks including slicing, chopping, dicing and cutting almost everything. This is the knife you'll most frequently go for when you cook.
Utility knife - A smaller version of the chef knife for smaller sized items.
Paring knife - A 3.5-inch to 4.5-inch small knife for various tasks from paring fruits to skinning garlic.
Cleaver - For chopping through bones.
Bread knife or serrated knife - Nothing cuts bread like a bread knife does, without crushing it. A serrated knife is sometimes shorter than the bread knife and used for cutting soft fruits and vegetables.
Carving knife - For slicing roasts and poultry.

If possible, try handling each knife before you buy it to get a feel of the knife. The handle must feel comfortable in your hand and the length of the blade must fit your profile. 

Check the type of handle and whether it is a full tang. A full tang blade has its steel encased in and running the full length of the handle. These are more balanced and will not cause fatigue in your hand. 

Last but not least, the material of the knife plays an important part in the kitchen. The best kitchen knives are made from high carbon steel or ceramic but if you're on a budget, stainless steel is acceptable too.


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