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Gone are the days where computers were big, bulky and weighed a ton. If you are looking for a portable computing device that you can practically take with you wherever you go, the laptop is for you. These days there are just so many options of laptops on the market, if you feel spoilt for choice, take a look at our laptop picking guide to help you make your pick. 

Alternatively, you could also scroll down to our best laptop laptop review section to read about the best laptops on the market.

How To Pick The Best Laptop?

Portable computing has come a long way since the 80’s. Now there are laptops to fit every budget and serve every consumer. It does not matter if you’re looking for a portable entertainment hub or a powerful computing workstation, somewhere out there is the best laptop for you.

These are a few categories of laptops on the market

  1. Ultrabook (The thinnest and lightest of the bunch that focus on portability)

  2. Gaming Laptops (A gamers dream  with high end graphic cards and cooling components)

  3. Workstation (Computing powerhouse designed to replace the desktop)

  4. Touchscreen Laptops (Entertainment or multimedia laptops with interactive touchscreens)

  5. Hybrid Laptops (Tablet like laptops with detachable keyboards)

A crucial component in picking out a laptop is choosing an operating system. If streaming and lightweight computing is what you’ll be doing, you can consider budget laptops that run on the Google Chrome operating system. If you’re somewhat of a techie, the linux system may be what you want because it has loads of customization features. On the other hand, if you are looking for laptop for the office or for school, it's best to stick to mainstream operating systems like Microsoft windows or Apple’s OS X which are compatible with most of the software on the market.

The last option would be to purchase a laptop that does not come with an operating system and install one yourself. This option would be highly unadvisable unless you have sufficient tech knowledge but there are many guides online that would be able to walk you through the process.

The sad thing is that laptops aren’t future proof and have limited upgradeability. Aside from a few minor upgrades, you’ll probably be stuck with your laptop’s specifications till it eventually dies on you. We suggest getting the laptop with the best processor in your price range to ensure it has enough horsepower for the future.

The design of the laptop plays a very important role too. Nobody wants a boring looking, overpriced piece of tech. These days, laptops come in a variety of designs and a wide spectrum of colors. Try and pick out a laptop that fits your personality because you will be using it for quite awhile.

Well, now that you have a brief idea on what the current laptop market has to offer, head on down to our laptop reviews to find your best laptop.


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