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Many people tend to play down the importance of using a good laptop bag. Regular backpacks don’t really come equipped with a padded laptop compartment to protect your laptop from accidental drops or falls. For maximum protection, pick out a laptop bag that is not only well built but suits your own personal style. If you're having trouble choosing a good laptop bag, here is a quick guide to help you make up your mind. 

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How To Choose A Laptop Bag ?

There are a few elements to consider when choosing the best laptop bag

  1. Laptop size

  2. Compartments

  3. Design

  4. Protection

It goes without saying that your laptop should be able to fit into your laptop bag. Laptops come in a few popular sizes which range from 11 to 18 inch models. So check your laptop length before you go bag shopping. It’s also important to check the width of the laptop to ensure it fits snugly in the bag you’re going to purchase.

A laptop bag should be your personal day-to-day bag. You should consider the amount of things other than your laptop which you’ll need to carry along for the day. There are laptop bags with compartments for chargers, external hard drives, books and even larger things like a DSLR camera.

Your laptop bag should also reflect on your own personal style and personality. The common laptop bag designs are the backpack and the messenger bag. If you’re interested in a messenger style laptop bag, try to look for a bag with a thick and padded carrying strap because messenger bags with thin unpadded straps tend to get uncomfortable when they heavy. This isn’t really an issue for the backpack because the weight of the bag would be evenly distributed.

Laptop bags these days are made different materials and come in various colors. The typical laptop bag would usually be made in a black thick padded body with some flaring neon green or red accents. But don't let these colours bore you, look around and find a laptop bag that you like because you’d probably be using it on a daily basis for work or school.

If you’re a traveller or a biker who is shopping for a laptop bag, try to find a water resistant laptop bag or a laptop bag with a rain cover to protect you from the elements. With this, you’ll be even be able brave the worst downpour while protecting all your valuable tech and belongings.

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