Packing for Your First Flight

If you're packing for your first flight, it could be different from packing for a weekend getaway to grandma's house. What you need first is a luggage or suitcase, then it's all a matter of what to bring and what not to bring and how to cram everything inside the luggage, right? Well, here are some items that will make packing for a flight easier, let you move through airports and commute easily.

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Extra shoes or slippers are definitely going into the luggage, and you don't want them coming into contact with your clean clothes. These colored shoe bags are just the thing to pack your shoes in. Unlike black shoe bags, you'll easily find the pair of shoes you plan to wear for the day. 

Keep cables and cords of your chargers separate and organized in a roll up bag. This bag will be slim enough to slip into a thin space.

Unless you plan to buy travel size toiletries every time you travel, you'll need these reusable squeeze bottles for your shampoos, body wash, facial cleanser, lotions, etc. These don't leak but to prevent accidents, just put a layer of cling film over the bottle before screwing on the cap. 

After you have transferred your liquid toiletries into travel size bottles, you'll want them all in a transparent zippered bag for airport screeners. This sundry kit has a mesh compartment on top so you can keep razors and toothbrushes separate.

While not necessary, sorting out your clothes in these packing cubes will make travel a lot smoother, especially if you're on an extended trip. These will double as bags for dirty laundry too, so you can keep your clean and dirty clothes apart when you move around. 

Once you've packed your bag, don't lock it up just yet. Weigh your luggage to see if it has exceeded weight limits. You don't want to pay for excess baggage. After weighing, pack the scale into the luggage for your return trip.

Remember to lock up your suitcase with a flexible cable lock. While a lock will hardly deter theft (anyone can cut open a zipper), it will steer away some casual thieves and keep nosy hands away when you leave your luggage in the hotel room. This TSA accepted lock allows airport security to open the lock without cutting it, so you don't lose your lock on the way.

Whether checked in or kept in the overhead compartment, a personalized luggage tag will distinguish your luggage from the rest. Slip a laminated business card in it and you're done!


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