Best Pressure Cooker

If you love your slow cooker, you'll love a pressure cooker even more. While a slow cooker eliminates much time spent in the kitchen, you'll have to wait for hours before anything gets on the table. The best pressure cooker settles your dinner in a few minutes. 

Pressure cookers come with many safety features nowadays, so as long as you buy one that has a safe-locking lid and automatic pressure releasing mechanisms, there's no worry that any explosion will happen. Get the best pressure cooker and watch magic happen today.

Types of Pressure Cookers

There are two common types of pressure cookers - the stovetop pressure cooker and the electric pressure cooker. 

The stovetop pressure cooker is simply a large and deep stainless steel pot with a pressure locking lid. These are more affordable and will do the job, but offers less convenience than an electric one. When choosing a stovetop pressure cooker, check the quality of the pot, screws, and whether there is safety mechanism that indicates when the pot is safe to open. 

The electric pressure cooker has a lot more functions than the stovetop version, including micro computerized programs for recipes from chilis to yogurt with no more guesswork than which button to press. The cooking pan is non stick or stainless steel. If the pressure cooker allows for searing, stainless steel works better and is safer than non stick pans. 


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