Best Rice Cooker

If you find yourself eating rice few days a week, it's time to get a rice cooker! While cooking rice on the stove is feasible, it's much easier and more convenient to cook it in the rice cooker. In today's market, the best rice cookers can also be used to cook other dishes and even as a slow cooker. 

What is the best rice cooker for you? Check out our top picks here.

How to Choose the Best Rice Cooker

Even if you come from an Asian family, the abundance of rice cookers in the market and fast pace technology may have made it difficult to choose the best rice cooker. 

Before buying any rice cooker, there are a few considerations. 

The size of the rice cooker.
The general yardstick is that a cup of uncooked rice will make 2 cups of cooked rice. Rice cookers commonly come in small 3-cup, medium 5 to 5.5-cup, large family 10-cup and as large as 20-cup. There are sizes in between those too.

Technology has come a long way in rice cookers. More features will certainly add to the price. Here are some types of rice cookers you may want to consider:
Microcomputerized rice cooker - These are rice cookers that allow you up make sushi rice, brown rice, steam cakes and cook soup too. 
Fuzzy logic rice cooker - May or may not be computerized. Cooks rice to perfection each time with fuzzy logic technology.
Pressure rice cooker - Also works as a pressure cooker.
Digital rice cooker - Simple rice cooker with digital settings. May come with only keep warm and timer settings.
Conventional On/Off rice cooker - Comes with only one button to turn on or turn off the rice cooker. May have keep warm function only. 

Some people like to steam meat or veggies together with their rice and if you're one of those people who like to multitask, then you may like the rice cooker to have a steaming basket. 


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