Don't Miss These Cheap Christmas Decorations

Christmas may be a couple months away, but you could save yourself time and hassle shopping for decorations at the last minute by collecting a few cheap trinkets now. 

Here are some Christmas decorations that you don't want to miss because they're so affordable. These basic decorations will definitely be put to good use in whichever theme you choose for your home.

A candle that looks like a real apple will fit in anywhere from the table to the mantelpiece. Just make sure not to mistake it for a real fruit!

Deer antlers that double as decoration and hooks for hats and coats. The vintage iron look adds a rustic feel to your home.

Small mistletoe balls are great for windows, hanging off the mantelpiece or on a door. 

Glass candle holders are becoming really trendy in recent years, because you can personalize them with DIY painting, ribbons, or add a touch of nature to your candles by putting flowers and water in the holder and floating the candle in it.

If an outdoor party during Christmas is what you have in mind, this wire garland will make your party table look good with its fall colors against the winter backdrop.


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