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After a long day at work, who doesn't look forward to a relaxing shower? The right shower head can do wonders. With all the different jets, streams or mists a good shower head can really turn a bad day around. If you're current shower head is spurting out weak gushes of water, it's about time to switch it up.

Showerheads come in different setups. The most common shower heads are the rain shower head, the adjustable shower head and the hand held shower head. Depending on your preference, you'll be able to mix and match your favorite shower heads to get a shower fixture that fits your liking. Here is a quick guide to help you understand shower heads if this is your first time picking one out. Or you could just scroll to our best shower head reviews to choose from the best shower heads on the market.

How to Buy the Best Shower Head

To pick the the right shower head, you'll first have to know the different types of shower heads that are on the market. Next, you'll have to pick the type of materials you'll want it to be made of and finally, you'll have to note how much water your shower head uses. 

1. Types of shower heads

There are basically three types of shower heads. The first is the rain shower head. This shower head is usually wall mounted and not adjustable. This shower head provide the best jet of water for relaxation. It's the closest you can get to taking a bath in the rain.

The second type of shower head is the adjustable shower head. Adjustable shower heads are wall mounted shower heads that have a few different spray patterns to choose from. The most common patterns are the pulsing jet stream, the traditional wide spray and the mist. The shower head can be tilted and has a larger range compared to the rain shower head.

The last type of shower head is the hand held shower head. This shower head has the exact same features as the adjustable shower head but isn't wall mounted. It usually is connected to a metallic hose which allows you to move this shower head around. Using the handheld shower head, you'll be able to rinse or spray wherever you like.

You can have more than one shower head attached to your shower set, as long as you keep an eye on the water pressure of your bathroom. It's pointless having nice shower heads that let out slow streams of water.

2. Materials 

You have the choice of shower heads that are made of plastic, brass, aluminum, and other colored finishes. But, the material the shower head is made of doesn't really affect the performance of the shower head. So, it'll be wise to purchase a shower head that you can afford. Another tip would be to pick a shower head that matches the rest of your bathroom's design. 

3. Water flow

To conserve water, purchase shower heads with WaterSense labels. These shower heads use high pressure streams to conserve water. The WaterSense certified shower heads reduce the amount of energy used too. A high pressure shower head uses less hot water compared to a regular shower head.

A shower head should be personalized to your liking and you don't have to break the bank to purchase a good shower head. There are so many different types of shower heads you can choose from. If you're lost, check out our top picks and read our best shower heads reviews.


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