Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

If one cup of coffee is all you need to jump start your morning, a single serve coffee maker at home will make things smooth for your day. Making coffee cup by cup is also much tastier than brewing it by the pot and keeping it heated for the whole day. 

Let's see what options we have for the best single serve coffee maker.

Choosing the Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

Here are some tips for choosing your single cup coffee machine.

Speed up your morning coffee by getting a single cup coffee maker with easy buttons and controls. Many one-cup coffee makers only require you to pop in a pod and press one button to brew.

Choices of coffee
On the other hand, certain coffee makers give you more flexibility in terms of choice. You'll be able to use capsules or ground coffee; some even let you brew tea and other types of beverages. There may even be more options with regards to drink size and flavor. If you are getting a pod-based machine, remember that some machines are compatible with different brands of capsules, while some only take proprietary pods.

Timer and programming
You may not like to keep your coffee maker turned on for the whole day. If that is the case, you may like programmable models that can be timed to turn on and be ready for your brew at any specific time.


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