Best Slow Cooker

With slow cookers, you can cook a hearty but low fat meal with little effort. It is easy and time saving for the working mom, as you can program it to cook for hours and come back to a warm dinner.

Take a look at our recommendations for the best slow cookers.

Tips for Choosing the Best Slow Cooker

Most users settle for slow cookers with a ceramic or porcelain bowl. These conduct and contain heat extremely well. Metal ones are available too but are not as popular. 

When choosing a slow cooker, check that the heating element is available at the bottom as well as the surrounding walls of the crock pot. Heat is more evenly distributed this way.

Also, get one with clear lids preferably made from glass to let you see the cooking process. Plastic ones are available too but cheap plastic tend to grow opaque over time. If the lid is a locked-down style, make sure there are steam vents on the lid to avoid build up pressure.

There are simple slow cookers without a timer, and fewer heat adjustments. If you want more flexibility, don't be afraid to spend a little bit more for the features!

Finally, get one with a size that fits your requirements. 


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