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Why squint and strain your eyes looking at a tiny display when you can purchase a tablet. Most tablets are light and portable enough to fit in your handbag which makes them perfect for anyone who is looking for a gadget to use on the fly.

The various tablets on the market are built to be special in their own way. Some are built to be the best entertainment hub, others are built to satisfy the corporate worker who is always on the go and some tablets are simply built to replace your phone.

If you aren't sure which tablet you need, check out our guide to help you pick the best tablet to suit your needs. Or, you could scroll to our recommendations for the best table and our tablet reviews.

How To Pick The Best Tablet ?

Whether for work or play, there is a suitable tablet for whoever who dares make the switch. Tablets come with different operating systems and classes of processors and designs. Since tablets aren’t modular and do not have upgradability options, it is best you consider a few factors before choosing your ideal tablet.

The first step in choosing the best tablet for you would be to choose its operating system. To do this it's best to plan what you’ll be using your tablet for. There are tablets on the market which cater to work and others which were built to be an entertainment hub. To have a better picture of what different tablets have to offer, here are the three most popular tablet operating systems on the market.

  1. Android OS (Plenty of free apps, Perfect for entertainment, Assortment of products)

  2. IOS (Wide array of apps, Premium design, Only run on Apple Ipads)

  3. WIndows OS (Limited free apps, Compatible with Windows pc software, Stylus support)

Tablets on the market come in a wide offering of specs. If you’re looking for a tablet with an excellent camera, it's best to keep an eye out for the number of megapixels and aperture of the camera lense. If you want a big bright screen for movies, choose a tablet that is more than 9 inches for a better viewing experience. If you are an audiophile, look for tablets with hi-fi support or gold plated 3.5mm jacks so you’ll have the best listening experience to look forward too.

If you can afford a premium price tag and are looking for a tablet to last a long time, the Apple Ipads may be what you are looking for. Their tailor made operating system is responsive and lag free. These tablets would be perfect for social media, web browsing and the occasional movies. However, if you are looking for a cheaper tablet or just aren’t a fan of the IOS, the android tablets are your ideal match. There are so many companies that make android tablets and you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for, no matter the specs.

Next you’d have to consider if you’ll need any peripherals with your tablet. Most Windows tablets have custom flip covers and stylus options which come with bundled the tablets. If you’re looking for a tablet to take to the office, it's best to choose a tablet with a flip keyboard and a stylus. It may not be that attractive in the beginning but once you start using these add-ons, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. For office tablets, I’d go with Windows Tablets because they have the most to offer in terms of productivity. It has some of the fastest processors on the market and some can even run computer software.

Here’s a brief idea of what the market has to offer, check our tablet review section to find out more about these tablets and choose the right tablet for you.


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