Best Tea Kettle

Looking for the best tea kettle? Whether you are brewing tea or coffee or just heating up water, it's good to have a durable, fast heating, easy to pour and good looking tea kettle. See our recommendations for the best tea kettles below.

How to Choose the Best Tea Kettle

Consider these few factors before you buy a tea kettle.

Do you need a tea kettle that boils on the stove or an electric tea kettle? If you have an induction stove, you may want to find a tea kettle that works on induction stoves. For outdoor use, look at the shape of the tea kettle too. Will it sit nicely on your fire pit?

Do you want a kettle that signals you when it boils? It'll be nice to hear a whistle or ding to indicate that the kettle has done it's job. The best tea kettles automatically shut off once the water is boiled too.

Be aware of tea kettles that doesn't lay claim to being rust proof. For your own health and safety, buy a tea kettle that is glass or stainless steel instead of plastic. 

And last but not least, buy one with the right size. 


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