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The alarm clock rings and you reluctantly drag yourself out of bed. It’s the start of a new day but before you know it, you're running late again. When you don't even have time to enjoy your morning coffee, you’ll be glad for the best travel mug to take your coffee with you and keep it hot until you reach the end of your commute.

Whether for a road trip or on the way to the office, here are the best travel mugs (also known as flasks and thermoses) to pick from. If this is your first time picking out a travel mug, do read our buying guide for a quick rundown. Alternatively, just scroll down to read our best travel mug reviews.

How to choose the Best Travel Mug

A travel mug or thermos is just what we need to enjoy a cold or hot beverage on the fly. Whether you are a regular executive who needs a morning coffee, or a long distance driver who needs the constant caffeine jolt, or just a gym goer who wants to keep their protein shake cold, you need a spill-proof, insulated and portable travel mug.

If this is your first time buying a travel mug, here are a few pointers to follow when picking out the best travel mug.

1. Stainless steel vs plastic

If you travel with hot drinks or cold drinks then an insulated travel mug is what you'll have to look out for. It'll keep your drink as close to its original temperature as it can for longer. Both plastic insulation and stainless steel insulation will do the job but a stainless steel insulation will last much longer. A stainless steel layer would be more durable and heat resistant compared to a plastic lining.

2. Measure your cup holder

Always choose a travel coffee mug that can sit well in your car cup holder. It's pointless to get a fancy looking mug that won't fit. This is why it's extremely important to know the depth and diameter of your cup holders before picking out a new travel mug.

3. Tightly sealed leak proof lid

You're bound to be moving about when you have your travel mug with you. This is why you need a reliable mug that wont leak, drip or even spill a drop when sealed. You'll feel safer putting your travel mug in a bag full of documents knowing it won't let you down.

4. Fits in one hand.

The size of your travel mug really matters. If you can't hold your travel mug in one hand, you'll need a smaller travel mug. Don't get an over-sized travel mug that may slip out of your grip when you drink.

Follow these tips and you'll find your best travel mug in no time at all. Scroll up to see our picks for the best travel mugs in 2016.


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