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The vacuum sealer is an appliance that should be in every kitchen. Many of us end up tossing out our fresh produce because it goes bad way too fast. If you have a vacuum sealer, you'll be able to preserve your ingredients for a longer time. You'll even be able to save a few extra bucks buying your ingredients in bulk. Vacuum sealers can be used on fresh produce, grains, meat and even liquids like wine and vinegar.

A vacuum sealer can do much more than save you money. Ever had a perfectly cooked sous vide steak? By pairing your vacuum sealer with a precision cooker you will be able to sous vide to your heart's content. Once you've tried a thoroughly cooked sous vide T-bone steak, you'll definitely want a vacuum sealer in your kitchen.

Below are reviews the best vacuum sealers on the market. If you're having trouble picking your very own vacuum sealer, read our buying guide for more information.

How to buy the best vacuum sealer for your kitchen?

The best way to pick out the best vacuum sealer for your kitchen is to understand what you're looking for. There are three basic types of vacuum sealers; the clamp. the chamber and the retractable vacuum sealer. These sealers have different sealing mechanisms but perform identically. Instead of fretting over technicality, here are 4 questions to ask yourself before you decide on the vacuum sealer you want.

1. Do you need portability?

Well, if the answer is yes, you'd want a hand held vacuum sealer. Hand held vacuum sealers are easier to carry around but are significantly less powerful compared to their larger older brother the counter top vacuum sealer. 

2. What kind of ingredients will you be sealing?

If you are just going to be sealing hardy ingredients like meat and grains, you'll be satisfied with the conventional vacuum sealer. But, if you prefer a vacuum sealer that can seal fragile ingredients like crunchy biscuits, soft fruits and liquids, a vacuum sealer that has a sealing cue will do a better job. Vacuum sealers with sealing cues will allow you to control the amount of air that is sucked out of the bag during the sealing process.

3. Do you prefer proprietary sealing bags or reusable bags?

If budget is a concern, opt for vacuum sealers that use reusable bags. These vacuum sealers may cost more upfront but you'll save a lot more in the long run. Vacuum sealers that are able to seal non-proprietary bags are also more wallet friendly compared to vacuum sealers that only seal their proprietary bags.

4. Are you planning on sealing jars too?

If you plan on sealing mason jars, you'll have to look out for a vacuum sealer that comes with a wide mouth jar attachment. Both the clamp type, retractable type and chamber type vacuum sealers may come with this attachment. So, it is really important to know every single aspect of your vacuum sealer.

Hopefully this guide pointed you in the right direction. Since all the types of vacuum sealers are built to perform the same way, it is more important to consider the features you want in your vacuum sealer. The vacuum sealer is a versatile appliance which does so much more than seal food. We feel it is an important addition which will benefit every household. Scroll up to read our vacuum sealer reviews and pick the vacuum sealer that suits you best.


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