Best Water Filter

Many people install water filters or water purifiers to remove contaminants from the most important resource in our daily life. Clean drinking water is what we all need to stay healthy and a good water filter at home becomes all the more important.

Whether you prefer faucet filters, pitcher filters, canister type filters or even whole house filters, we've picked out the best water filters in the market.

How to Choose the Best Water Filter

Here are some tips on choosing the best water filter. 

Types of filters
Are you looking for faucet filters, whole house filters or canister filters? 

Faucet filters are by far the easiest and most straight forward type of water filters. They function simply to remove odors from your drink. Some are even able to filter out lead but the quality of filtration is usually the weakest for this type of water filter.

Whole house filters are usually installed at the main water line prior to the branching of the pipes into your house. They usually act as a pre-filter to filter out sediments and rust, this is usually followed by a secondary filter like the faucet filter or canister filter.

Canister filters are the best of the lot. The expensive ones can purify your water, perform electrolysis and separate your water into alkali based ones and acidic ones. These water filters however require power to operate and it usually cost a bomb to change the filters.

Types of filtration
Look out especially for filters that can filter out rust, sediments, odor or metallic or muddy taste, lead and parasites. With these tips, you're ready to go get your filter.


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