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It goes without saying that every wine connoisseur should have at least one wine opener at home. Just like the types of wine around the world, there are quite a number of wine openers to choose from. There are electric wine openers which are easy to use, waiter's corkscrews that demonstrate skill and winged corkscrews which are practical wine bottle openers. Whichever you favor, scroll below to read our best wine openers reviews and pick your favorite.

But, if you're having trouble figuring out which the best wine opener for you is, head over to our guide for some help. 

How To Pick The Best Wine Opener ?

The first thing you should know about wine openers is that there are five main types. They are :

  1. Twist Corkscrew

  2. Waiter's Corkscrew

  3. Air Pressure Wine Opener

  4. Lever Wine Opener

  5. Electric Wine Opener

If you're looking for a cheap wine opener because you rarely drink wine but want to keep a wine opener handy when the occasion arises, check out relatively inexpensive wine openers such as the waiter's corkscrew or the twist corkscrew. Bear in mind though, there is a certain level of skill needed to wield these wine openers.

Corkscrew types of wine openers usually need some wrist strength. If you’ll be uncorking bottles frequently or just want to save yourself the trouble of pulling and prying the cork out of the bottle, you may want to invest in an electric wine opener or an air pressure wine opener. These wine openers are much pricier compared to corkscrews, but they make up for their price in terms of looks and convenience. Electric wine openers are also great for people who lack hand strength.

The lever style corkscrew is somewhat of a in-betweener. It is easier to use compared to the waiter's corkscrew or the twist corkscrew and it is not as expensive as the electric wine opener or an air pressure wine opener. If you will use your wine opener quite frequently but don't want to splurge, the lever style corkscrew may be what you’re looking for.

So with the basics covered, don't forget check out our wine opener reviews.


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